Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Single speed for Atlanta

No, there's no water bottle mounts on this frame-it was ordered that way. I never argue with an omission ! Even with a few less braze ons, there's still plenty of work in the frame with the oversize seat tube, slotted disc mount and the usual stuff you find on one of my MTB frames.
I price these frames the same as steel road frames but there's more work involved and I find that I'll have a couple more hours invested. This one is a frame I would love to have at a show because it displays simplicity- my idea of a proper single speed.
Here's my proprietory adjustable dropout that has seen little use since the advent of sliding dropouts. For the customer , this version is simpler and about $ 120 less expensive.....a good thing. $ 120 will buy a lot of burritos , even in 2011.

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Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

They may look simple but they are powerful and that is what matters.
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