Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Steel CX frame for Germany

 This one has already been sent. The wishbone seat stay was a request from the customer-kind of a nod to the MTB frames I had distributed to Germany in the '90's . The color is a 2015 Mercedes metallic blue-I had to have a wet coat to match the color exactly. This disc brake model is built to rake a beating in a number if different roles.
 No tapered head tube or big BB shell.....this is traditional and solid with no frills.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Largest 'Alfie' ever for a local

This townie has the matching special edition Brooks B-17 and grips. The silver Jen Green badge is an extra request from the customer. The Alfine group has the 11 spd. rear hub this time , only the second one I have set up. I think that this parts group represents the best performance value out there.
The 700x35 Michelin tires should be very resistant to punctures. They roll amazingly fast , even though they are wire bead and not particularly lightweight. The pedals were later changed to some MKS flats that really hold onto the shoes well. I put the extra curved tube under the wishbone just to make sure that this bike would last as long as possible.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Single speed 7005 CX frame for Wa.

 This one is built to take the muddy tracks of the Pacific north west races. The tube set is the team issue mix of Dedacai, Faring and Easton tubes. This customer went traditional with the head tube and BSC BB shell. No tapered fork on this one-no disc brakes , either. It is what single speeds are-simple and reliable.
 This frame is part of the first run of aluminum frames for 2015. I'll have about 12 in all to build for the next few weeks.