Monday, August 10, 2009

A peek inside U.B.I. class of 8-09

Week two at the tig welding framebuilding class is intense, inspite of the casual look in the photos. I tried to shoot them without disturbing the actual happenings in the classroom. These guys have just three days to finish these frames.....if it were me and it was my first frame, I would be pretty terrified but these guys are moving along on schedule , not easy in this accelerated class. With luck, Thursday afternoon they will have finished frames......if not, there's a little time Friday morning for final tweaks.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home away from home

Here's the digs for my stint as a visiting instructor at U.B.I. for the second time. Here, also is one of the many avocado/cheese/lettuce/tomato sandwiches that I'll eat over the two week stay. Yeah, I'm cheap but I can't help it...I like avocado sandwiches just about any time except for breakfast. I'm teaching the tig-wleding framebuilding class again and it is really going well so far but this coming week will be tough....the rear stays are the most difficult part of the frame to weld so my students will have a real challenge for the next four days. I'm getting in plenty of riding, both dirt and road as the area is a great place to do both. Anyone reading this wanting to learn framebuilding should check out U.B.I. as it is arguably the best place anywhere to build your first frame .