Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here's how I use my rear triangle jig

For all you folks interested in the process, here are two photos of how I line up my rear triangle jig. A lot of frame jigs hold all of the tubes in place. Here at Rock Lobster, we work a little differently. I build the front triangle on one fixture, then I use the device in these photos. The lower one shows how I use my fill scale drawing to line up the jig and clamp it to the frame. This step gets the axle at the right height relative to the rest of the frame.There's a hole in the jig that accepts several types of axles. When the hole is empty, it can be used to sight the axle center from the drawing. The upper photo show how I use a frame alignment stick to center the the jig so that the center line of the rear wheel is the same as the center line of the front triangle. It works really well and I designed the contraption myself. I have not seen another one like it .

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Mike said...

I like the behind the scene stuff. Keep it coming!