Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two more big head tube disc brake 'cross frames

 The batch is nearing completion-a good thing as I'm leaving town day after tomorrow. These frames, 6-7 in all will be shipped out to the heat treater tomorrow and after will go to the powdercoater.

 This frame will go to a local painter for some sort of custom scheme as it will wind up doing duty at a couple of trade shows. The frame will be a platform for a number of new products from a major component company. After the shows  , one of the employees of the company will take ownership of this frame and hopefully start racing on it-or at least shredding the local trails.

Road frame for S.F.

 This powdercoat with a satin clear coat looks almost exactly like a titanium's remarkable.
 Next time I want to get one of my own frames repainted I might go this route-it is a cool look.
The satin top layer really highlights the welding and details like machining and external tube butting. I think that this would be a good look for a display frame. The owner wanted something low key but I think it came out a bit nicer than he might have anticipated. He's looking to have a commuter that won't attract the attention of thieves.......

Monday, July 23, 2012

Road frame and fork for Durango

 This frame and fork are really similar to my own travel bike except that this is more of a real road bike and not a big-tire version. The tubeset and fork crown are nearly the same except that these tubes did not come out of the scrap bin.....only the best for my customers-not and ounce of cereal.
 There's stainless dropouts undrneath that satin black powdercoat so when the paint gets chewed by the wheels there won't be any rust going on.For now, the look of all black on this bike will stay.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two big-headed aluminum 'cross frames

 Now there's two ways for me to deal with the new tapered steerer forks. This is the newest version  an actual tapered 7005 head tube. I have been waiting for this to be available here in the USA for quite some time.
 The only drawback for now is that I can only get one size-131 mm. This may work well on the bike in the photo but maybe not on your bike. I'm hoping that other sizes become available soon.
 Here's the second version that I have been using for about two years. The tubing comes in one meter lengths so I can make any size head tube for any size frame, as long as it is three meters or less.
 This version might not be quite as hip as the tapered version but it is what I have and I'll keep building with this tube until something better comes along. It is hard to say if the newer tapered tube is better but it definitely looks nicer on a smaller frame.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel road bike

 This is a tall frame for a tall guy. I hope it will fit in the travel case ! I still have to prep it before shipping it off but I though I would get a photo of it today as it is a really nice looking frame.
 The color is " New Tucker orange" , almost a Colnago orange but with some fine gold metallic flek.
The owner opted for rear rackmounts , something I recommend for all travel bikes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New rings on the road bike

Want to improve the shifting on your bike ? Not jazzed with the 50-34 rings on the compact crank ? Here's a solution: Praxis works 52-36 cold forged chainrings. I'm trying a set and they are a big step up. I like the gearing too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

853 'cross frame for New Jersey

 This one is finally all prepped and ready to box up and send out. This is a 'cross euro race frame with the 853 tubing upgrade that shaves a few ounces off and makes for a nice stiff ride.
 I don't use as much Reynolds tubing as in the past but it is always great to work with. The main tubes are nicely finished inside and out and seem to have a bit more uniformity than a lot of the other tubes-you do wind up paying for the quality but it only adds about $ 100 to the cost of the frame.

Disc brake rd/cross bike for S.F.

 This is what a custom bike is all about-fitting the rider and the needs of that rider. This bike will be going up and down some steep hills in San Fransisco and elsewhere, hence the need for some powerful disc brakes . The bike will also be fitted with super low gears for climbing the often over 14 % grades.
 The frame will use a tapered steerer Enve carbon 'cross disc fork, a good choice for the added loads of the hydraulic disc brakes.
Not having rim brakes makes for a simple, clean look to the rear stays.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

26" wheel disc brake travel bike

 Looking at this frame one would think it is for 700c wheels and while they probably would fit, the frame is made for 26" wheels. This is the other half of a duo of frames that are similarly constructed for similar roles.
 The tubeset is stout without being really heavy so the bike will have a nice ride when not loaded down with touring gear. It should be plenty stout with full racks and panniers as well.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Big tire 'cross frame and fork

 The rider of this frame is just under 5' 1" but that doesn't mean he can't ride big tires if he wants to. This frame and fork will take the new Bruce Gordon 'Rock 'n road' 700x43 c tires ( It really will....I checked .)
 The bike will have the capability to mount racks front and rear but there was no special need for fenders-this is a California bike.
I did a little manipulation to the s-bend Columbus seat stays to get them to work on such a small frame. There are no pre-bent tubes that will work out of the box on a frame like this.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Road frame for Durango, Co.

 Maybe this is a rebellion to carbon-maybe it is just an attempt to go back to a simpler, earthier bike. this frame and fork will see duty in the mountains of Colorado and elsewhere . The tubeset is True Temper OX main tubes and the fork is all True Temper as well. The Columbus stays are a nice lightweight compliment to the main tubes and the frame came out under 4 lbs.
 Although not a specific customer request  the dropouts are stainless steel front and rear and I'll have the faces masked off. The front dropouts fit the blades better than the other non-stainless ones I had in stock and it saved me a lot of filing time. The front tips also look nicer than the others as the points compliment the fork crown motif.
These are pre-bent Columbus seat stays, not what I use much of the time but they work really well on road frames.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Steel road frame for S.F.

 This frame will see mostly commuting duties. The tubes are mid-weight, not what I would use for a dedicated race bike but then, this one will not be raced.
 The long head tube indicates that an upright position is what the customer wanted-probably a good idea in traffic.
There are rack braze ons, probably not for a big load, just for a change of clothes or some minimal shopping.