Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rim brake steel CX frame going to New Mexico

All I need is a shipping carton and this one will go out. It has my favorite style crowned fork with lots of tire and fender room.
The rider is tall but not heavy so this frame and fork are pretty light- surprisingly so. I guess I have been building a lot of 29ers which are not light so maybe that's why it feels so light.


WCCX frame going to Canada

This one used the 44 MM ID head tube as the stack needed to be enough for this tall rider.
Mechanical shifting and flat mount disc brakes- pretty much what most of the team use- this bike is set up just like mine.


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Road + for a local

Road plus ?  What the h#$%^ is that, you might ask. This frame fills the space between a straight road frame and a CX or gravel frame. The idea is to build something short and quick like a road bike but give it room for the next size larger tire for bad roads and the occasional dirt short cut.
The max tire the bike will take is about 700x35. This sounds like a CX frame but the chain stay is only 415 mm long, 10-15 mm shorter than a typical CX frame so there mon't be room for mud or debris. This frame is made for fair weather riding or for bad weather riding on pavement .
This steel frame weighs 4 lb. 7 oz. and was built for a 6'1" rider.

Monday, May 13, 2024

WCCX frame going to Philadelphia, Pa.

One of our riders won her age group in the nationals last year so she gets a second frame on the house. That has been my team policy for some time now. 
She is a tiny rider but fearless and fast. Hopefully she will be back at the nationals now and she will have two identical bikes to ride the 2024 season with. I made this one just a bit lighter than the last one so it really isn't completely identical. 


7005 CX/Gravel for Evanston, Il.

This rider needs this one for Unbound Gravel so I hope that he will get it in time to get it assembled and ready for the event.
Yellow powdercoat and pink decals were not a combo I have ever seen in my shop but I have to admit- it has a pretty cool look. It's funny what a customer will come up with - some times its a head scratcher but some times like this its a winner.....at least I think so. 


Steel 29er for bay area rider

Holy top tube....this one is super long. The customer gave me fit numbers and I was shocked but I built it and I hope that the owner is happy with it. 
The frame has a bent seat tube to allow for a shorter rear end. I have avoided using tubes like this in the past as I could not find ones that I felt were good but now in 2024 there's a lot of good ones to choose from. This one is Dedacciai and they offer several radius bends .


Friday, May 10, 2024

Steel 29er going to Pacific NW

It is 29er week here at Rock Lobster cycles. This is different than the last one as it has dropouts for a QR rear hub. This was an unusual request but the customer has some really high-end wheels and did not want them to go to waste .
Other than the rear axle spec, this is typical of what I am building for a steel 29er these days. Some have wishbone seat stays, some don't as in the case of what you see here. This one is tall for a 6'5" rider. I hope that he likes the way it handles.