Friday, November 24, 2023

Steel gravel frame for a local

This one is made to take up to 700x47 tires - that makes it practically a 'drop bar MTB frame'.
You can see that seat and chain stays have a generous spread. There's also a chance the owner might opt to install fenders so there's some fittings for that. This is frame # 74 for the year ....a surprising number in view of how much time I lost from my injury. If I had not broken my leg in July I think that my list would have gotten very short . As it is , I'm still booked up well into next year.


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Carter 650 Boost MTN frame going to Va.

Made for 2.6" tires, this is the plush ride. The frame will be paired with a 160 mm travel fork so it should really soak up the bumps.
This frame looks a little cleaner as the customer opted for no bottle mounts or rack mounts.


Saturday, November 18, 2023

SSCXWC trophy prototype bike for sale

The race is over and I have to build two more of these for the winners of the drunken parade otherwise known as the single speed world cyclocross championship. The race moves from city to city and sometimes country to country annually. This is the special first prize edition-custom headbadge and graphics to commemorate the Santa Cruz edition.....unlikely to ever be repeated.
I built this bike my size so it is suited to a rider in the 5'9"-5'10" range.  Seat tube is 520 mm c/t/c and the virtual top tube is 560 mm. Head tube is 155 mm.  Bike has an Easton EA-70 build except for EC-90 SL carbon cranks. Paul custom order flat mount clampers are all broken in and stop really well. There's also a gold Chris King headset. The fork is an Enve G-series painted to match. Tires are 700x35 WTB Cross Boss but the bike can take much larger tires , up to 700x45. The rear droputs are paragon 'rockers' and you can get an insert if you want to run a rear der. but that might get you some dirty looks depending on where you are riding. Price is $ 4,100  which is far below what a bike like this would cost from me. It only has a couple of small scuffs from being ridden. I have ridden it and it was used in the Saturday qualifier by one of our team riders. Own a piece of history - and you can fake people out that you are the world champion.....but you'll have to get the tattoo if you really want to pull it off. 

Email me at if you are interested. Buy it before I get too attached to it......

Friday, November 17, 2023

BTRB going to Florida

Rim brakes - check. Long chainstays -check. Crowned raked fork - check. Downtube shifter bosses - check. Level top tube - check. See where I'm going with this ?
This rider doesn't seem to need any of the new tech from the last 20-odd years. The caliper brakes will have 47-57 mm reach and the frame should take 32 mm tires with fenders. The customer wanted really long chain stays - 450 mm. I have not made a frame with these specs for years but I don't have a problem with this design. I think that it will have a very smooth ride with the longer wheelbase and slightly larger tires.


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Boost 29er for a tall local rider

Yes, this is a big one. Didn't even need to cut the fork steerer.This one will be all XT and Fox build with a remote on the fork as well as the dropper post.  Should be a revelation for this rider as he has never had a mountain bike large enough.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Steel 29er boost

Behind gravel or CX frames, this type of frame has become the most popular thing I build currently.
My new wishbone tubes are a bit stouter than what I had been using for the last 20-odd years.
This one has the routing for a dropper post. Other than that it is very typical of what has been going out my door in this year of 2023.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Gentleman's touring bike

This bike was a long time in the making but the customer was in no hurry ans the details show a lot of thought. The customer is a former bike shop employee and an old friend. He actually made his own fenders-he even made some for me that I will showcase on another post later.
The build is an interesting one- Sram 11 spd. levers adapted to 12 speed.....I guess there's stuff available to do that- I had no idea. All the rivits and bolts along with the spoke nipples have been color is really something to behold in person. If I ever exhibit at a bike show again this would be one to bring.
The frame is aluminum- many of you might think that it isn't the right material for a touring bike but in most cases the tires really determine the ride more than the frame material. With big tires such as the ones seen here I'm sure the ride can be plenty smooth for long distance.
Of course , the bike would not be complete without a Jen Green copper, of course.