Thursday, December 1, 2022

Steel road frame

Rim brakes and mechanical shifting will be how this bike is built up. The frame will be mated to an Enve non-tapered 50 mm rake fork. I put an extension on the head tube as the rider has had a history of neck pain. Hopefully the more upright position will help.
The rider os about 5'3"and very light so this frame did not need to be built with heavy tubing. The weight pf the bare frame is 3 lb. 7 oz. and should build up very light.


Gravel frame in steel with painted to match fork

Ahh, King headsets are back in stock and I can get them again ! It has been a long wait but this customer's patience was rewarded with the rare gold tapered 'Nothreadset' - a great addition to this frame.
Another nice touch is the Jen Green badge in bronze. I have to re-order as I have now sold through all the badges in stock. 
As you can see, this one has rear rack mounts and is set up for mechanical shifting.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Shop will be closed for the month of December

 Thats right- I'm doing inventory, going to the CX nationals and re-booting the shop for 2023. Don't worry- I'm not quitting. My plan for 2022 was to build 70 frames.......I have built 85 so far. I think I am maybe trying to do too much so this time off I'll be figuring out a way to make everyone happy but do a better job in the shop and waste less moves. I had some issues this year, all due to working too fast. I hope that I learned from this.........time will tell !

Friday, November 18, 2022

Steel 'Ultimundo' road frame in a disc version

I have only built a handful of these so far. Since there's no more S-3 tubing I have switched to Columbus Spirit and Life to get the weight of the frame down. I ovalized the 38 mm down tube so that it resembles the S-3 that I used to use when True Temper was still making bicycle tubing. The frame should ride the same as the S-3 version as all the other tubes in the frame are the same as the original version.


CX frame going to Chicago

This one is pretty light. The customer supplied the fork when I couldn't get one- wouldn't you know that a couple of days after this fork arrived I got my shipment.........oh, well- they will all go on frames before the end of the month. The fork was painted to match by Joe's bicycle painting in Watsonville- he also repairs carbon frames.
My last Jen Green bronze badge is on this frame so I'll have to order more. I think that 2022 has been the biggest year so far for head badges.


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Steel big tire gravel frame- almost a drop bar MTB

This is one for the backwoods and it is going to Gunnison, Colorado. Think what you will about the proportions of this frame - the customer has gotten a couple other frames from me and this is the shape that makes him comfortable. There's nothing more important regarding making cycling more enjoyable than having a bike that feels like home- one that you don't have to get used to. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Steel fixed gear commuter

This one will see street use, hence the brake bridge but it has typical mass-start geometry so it should still feel like a track bike and be ok for the velodrome. 
I got to use some Columbus aero seat stays that I have a small stash of . On this frame they fit well and make the look of the frame a little distinctive. I'll be building a steel fork for this frame tomorrow.