Monday, March 24, 2008

post season clearance sale

There will be three '07 team bikes for sale. #1 pictured here is the "pit bike" and had very little use as we had very few mechanicals last season. The bike is all Ultegra with Paul's brakes and a King headset. It has an Easton carbon fork so it is light and race ready with a new chain,cassette cables and XT pedals all for $ 1,700. The other two bikes are full Dura ace and will be $ 2,400 and $ 2,800. These bikes have one season of use and are all with new chains, cassettes and cables. Call the shop at 831-429-8010 weekdays for more details. More photos are on the way.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vas ist los?

Not something you see every day......a disc brake 'cross bike with an extended seat tube. Maybe a bit like the 'Speedvagen' from Vanilla.... but not quite as the cable routing and brake system are different....and yes, there is no bridge on the seatstays. All these requests were from the customer and reflect the purpose of a custom bike which is primarily to fulfill a need that can't be filled by a production bike. As you can see, this ain't no production bike !

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

speaking of steel....

Shiny shiny steel......the soft focus wasn't on purpose. It would have been nice for the image to be as sharp as possible as these welds are maybe the best I have done. This frame was an auction donation to benefit the local jazz club, the Kuumbwa jazz center. Needless to say, the winner of the auction is a single speeder and will no doubt be beating the crap out of this frame in the coming weeks as it is almost ready. Speaking of musical stuff, some of you nor-cal folks have seen the band I play in from time to time, the Linkhorns. This band was started in Jan. 1988 and has been rocking out ever since. Now the future of the band is in question as the bass player and very good friend of mine, Rick Williams is in critical care at Dominican hospital with a heart infection and brain anyurism. Rick is holding onto life,but barely. Rick has been a supremely important person in the bay area musical community and has helped countless thousands of people in his 30 plus years in the music sales buisiness. Nobody could tell you more about a vintage guitar than Rick and we all owe him a lot. I hope that Rick can get well and play music again......that will be a great day. Please keep him in your thoughts.