Monday, July 25, 2022

Super tall 7005 road frame for Florida

Yes, this is a big one- one of the largest of the year so far . The rider is 6'8" but only 200 lbs. He has broken a few bikes over the years so he asked for heavier tubing and he's getting it- NOS Easton US made Elite top, seat and down tubes. I still have some of these in stock so when I was selecting tubes it was an easy decision to use this set that normally for building 26" wheel MTB frames.
The rider requested an American flag decal for the frame but he didn't know that much of the frame would be built from US made materials- I think he will be very happy. 


Steel all-road frame

Rim brakes are not dead - here's the proof. I have built about 3-4 rim brake frames in the last month so there's  a case to be made. 
This steel frame and fork are going east as the fender mounts would indicate. The frame and fork are also set up to take racks.


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Steel Tracklocross frame and fork.

This is a first for me-a thru-axle frame that will not have brakes. I had to order custom hubs from Paul Components and they said 'no problem'- glad that they knew what to do. 
This steel frame and fork will be seen at a lot of Nor-Cal CX events. The rider is very good at this particular event and I hope that this new bike does not hold him back in any way. 
The chain tension will be adjusted with a Squid EBB. I'll put up photos of the built bike in a few weeks. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Small WCCX frame going to Daly City, Calif.

This one is set up for Di II and is full race. Since the rider is only 130 lb. I used the lighter tubing on this one- in particular, a NOS Easton USA down tube. This tube was probably made over 20 years ago but it has been stored properly and is in prefect shape for building. Nice to use US made materials when I can.


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

WCCX frame going to Texas

This one is set up for Di II with a 1X drive train. It is a fairly large frame weighing 3 lb. 11 oz.
This is made for the roughest nastiest CX courses and should be a reliable ride for many seasons. 
The Dedacciai tubing I have been using for the last 4-5 years has been holding up really well- maybe better than anything I have used before with the exception of the long gone Easton GX-2 Scandium. I like the newer head tubes and chain stay shapes of the Dedacciai better than what I had been using previously.Both of my own personal CX bikes are made from the same stuff and they are holding up well, even with a careless and clumsy rider aboard.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Steel fork with everything on it

Internal generator light wiring - check. Rack mounts-check. Flat mount disc brake - check. Integrated contact in the dropout for the generator hub- check. 12mm thru-axle- check. Oversize Tange disc brake specific fork blades- check. Did I leave anything out ? 


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Steel gravel/all road frame going to Florida

Plant City,to be more precise. This one is not a small frame but it is pretty light at only 4 lb.2 oz.
To get this light weight I used some Columbus Life, in particular the short taper seat stays. I had to increase the upper bend in the seat stays so that the tire room would be more like a CX frame than a road frame.The top and down tube are Zona but pretty light for that range of tubes. 
This one will mostly see pavement use but there are some dirt roads down there-along with many alligators. Hopefully this rider is fast enough to keep ahead of them.......

7005 team CX frame

I forgot to note where this one is going - anyway, it is capped off with a Jen Green copper badge, probably my favorite one for the way that the copper ages and turns color with the exposure to moisture.
This one is from the last big batch I built and they are slowly getting prepped and out the door. I have so many frames in the shop that are waiting for headsets, forks or drivetrain build parts . People might say that it is money in the bank......well, it isn't in my bank yet and the folks that want to ride these frames are having to wait along with me. 2022 has been a pretty lean year for getting supplies but hey, there are much worse things going on in the world so I keep telling myself that it is only bike problems in my shop and those are not that hard to fix. 
I'll be contacting this customer in the morning.......hope that he has a fork !

Friday, July 1, 2022

WCCX with EBB for single speed duty going to San Diego, Calif.

Orange and blue go together well on this frame. This one will do duty in the So-Cal races- hopefully we will see this one in Nor-Cal as well. The rider is also pretty active on the velodrome so this is a year round competitor who ordered this frame. I hope that she really like it.