Saturday, August 30, 2014

 the original vinyl decals made in S.F. in the eighties are on the downtube of this frame.
 This fully rigid 29er platform will be a sure-footed ride in the Santa Cruz mountians. The tapered head tube and disc brakes represent the present-the original deacls and 1984 'lobster red' paint represent the beginning of my MTB building.
Got a little sideways on this shot and couldn't rotate it after I put it on the site.....I guess you'll have to turn your computer 90 degrees !

Friday, August 29, 2014

7005 CX race frame or Glenpool, Ok.

 There's CX racing in Oklahoma and this is going to most likely be the only Rock Lobster at the events out there. This might change in the future but the owner of this bike can lay claim to having the only CX race bike from me in the entire least as far as I can remember.
 The tapered steerer fork should be good for hitting the corners hard and holding up to the rigors of hard racing.

7005 road frame and fork for Singapore

 The sky blue paint and pink logos really play tricks on your eye-an interesting effect, almost making it look as if the decals are floating above the surface of the frame.
This road frame will be seeing rides on the other side of the world in a country where there are currently only three of my frames. The fork is a Ritchey WCS road carbon and the headset is the King inset. 
This frame should handle up to a 700x28 tire and provide a nice stable ride without being too harsh.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ashland UBI trip 2014

 School founder Ron Sutphin gives a demo on the mill . There would be no UBI without Ron.
 Chris is here helping David do the final braze-ons on the last class day. There was an unprecedented amount of co-operation and help among the students.
 Patrick prepping his frame for the seat stay installation.
Matt moving too fast to be in focus.
 Tristan having a good day at the welder.
 Technical data found its way to the big board-many new terms were coined during this class.
 The demo at the big machines was generally Ron's venue-he has the most experience.
And here is your 2014 tig steel summer session graduating class from Arkansas, Thailand , New Zealand, L.A. , Portland , and of course Santa Cruz.This was a great trip.