Thursday, October 31, 2013

Disc CX frame with unique head tube.

 This rider in PA. was able to design and source this one of a kind tapered steel head tube for this frame. He only had one of these unique tubes made-there will be no others as far as I know.
The bike will be good for expedition riding with rack eyelets and three bottle mounts. I'm not sure what he will use the frame for initially but it is built for the long haul. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Single speed 26" MTB frame and fork for a local

 Yes, the 26" wheel is not dead and here's the second frame of this type I have built in the last few weeks.
 There are a couple of newer features here-the most obvious is the tapered steerer steel fork. This is the first one I have made and I'm sure not the last. Paragon Machine works makes the steerer and it streamlines the build process of the fork a little.
Like all the other MTB frames I build this one has the wishbone seatstay and the headtube gusset.
Here's a view of the fork by itself. It isn't the lightest fork but it is a full pound lighter than a Rock Shox Sid XX.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Single speed traveling big tire CX frame and fork for Hawaii

 Yes, this one is going to the islands. The frame and fork are made to take the Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road 700x43 tires so there might be some rough terrain in this bikes future.
 As a nod to earlier bikes I have built this frame features wavy profile gussets and some slightly modified headtube rings.
The more modern features would be the s-bend seat and chain stays and the arched bridge.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sophie's bike

 I think this might be the lightest full size road frame I have built out of steel. The rider is 5'4" and maybe 120 lbs. The tubing is True Temper S-3 mixed with Columbus 'Life'.
The combination of a fairly relaxed head angle and the light tubing should make for a pretty forgiving ride, even with the fairly large section down tube. I have built aluminum CX frames that weigh more than this one !
The seatstays are probably the lightest I have welded in quite some time. I was really careful not to blow any holes through was pretty intense welding but it came out really nice.

Friday, October 11, 2013

29er for Montana

 This one is pretty nice-all the good stuff: XTR, Mavic SLR wheels and a Fox fork. I have not weighed it yet but it is easy to pick up.
 The Easton Haven bar and stem may be carbon but they are some of the most durable parts on the bike.
The 2x10 XTR setup is simple and shifts with very little effort. This should be a lot of fun to ride on the fire roads outside Dillon, Montana as well as on the trails near the Big Sur coast.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Single Speed CX frame for a pro mechainc

 This frame is 3 lb. 15 oz. , barely missing the 4 lb. mark. The owner spends more time working on other peoples bikes so I really hope that he gets the chance to ride this racer a bunch during the season.
 nothing unusual here, just simple and traditional features for a bike that has little that can go wrong with it. Rim brakes, normal head tube and threaded BB makes for a really versatile setup-a lot of crankset choices that fit. The steel fork is similar specs to a carbon fork but with a few MM's less rake so it will carve instead of skid. -Just my 2 cents. The tubing is True temper OX and Columbus rear stays.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fully rigid 26" MTB frame and fork

 This local Bay area rider had me build something I have not built for about 20 years-a pre-suspension design MTB frame and fork. Other than the disc brakes , this frame and fork geometry is the same as bikes from back in the day before shock forks and clipless pedals-when people hit the trails wearing jeans and hiking boots.
 The mostly True Temper tubing was picked to mimic the diameter and wall thickness of the Tange Prestige tubing of the late '80's to mid '90's. This isn't a nostalgia thing  it is to get a specific feel that one no longer finds in modern MTB's. There's nothing wrong with how MTB's have evolved in the last 20-30 years and people can ride all sorts of stuff that seemed impossible years ago. That said, this would be the bike I would choose for riding the local single track - it is a direct product of that kind of riding.