Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aluminum road frame for Asheville, N.C.

 The person that hosted our CX team for the nationals last year will be receiving this frame soon. This is the 7005 road frame that represents what I build currently. No longer made of Easton tubing, the bulk of the tubes are from Dedaccai. They are pretty much the best I can get anywhere.

The fork is a tapered Enve mod. II that has been painted to match. This paint is a $ 125 upcharge but the look is worth it in my opinion and also with most of my customers.
The tapered head tube houses an integrated headset. The tube is also from Dedaccai and I don't think that too many other US builders are aware of it's existence or use it. I'm all about usint the latest stuff if it is good.

Aluminum CX frame for Iowa

 Yes, folks-rim brakes are not dead. The customer provided the out-of-production tapered rim brake Enve fork and had it painted to match. Nice look to the whole package, especially with the original school-bus yellow decals.
 This frame will see duty in the slushy snowy winter races in the midwest. I have only been to races in Wisconsin, not the many races that happen in Ia., In, Oh. and Il. It's a big scene out there. Hope to go some day.