Friday, January 27, 2023

Steel gravel frame going to Tucson, Az.

This guy is pretty tall, about 6'3". He got a road frame from me about 10 years ago. I hope that he likes this one as much as the first. 
The bike will be fitted with an Enve fork and the customer already has a wireless Sram group.


Thursday, January 26, 2023

Gravel-all road bike going to So-Cal......or Iowa.

This customer lives in So-Cal most of the time but is currently in Iowa with family taking care of a parent who just had knee replacement surgery- double, I think. Either locale will be fine for a bike like this- the open rolling plains of Iowa or the Angeles Crest fire roads of the San Gabriel mountains- this frame should be fine for either. It also is leaning more toward road geometry as this one will spend most of its time on pavement.
I did road style down tube cable routing to keep everything off of the top tube and clean looking.
This frame will be sporting the team seafoam green with original style black and yellow decals.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Steel rim brake big tire all road frame

This one is made for fenders, front rack and traveling. The S&S couplers will make this frame fit into a much smaller piece of luggage than a bike box.
The straight blade crowned fork is kind of a nod to the late '90's- does not seem that long ago to me , even if it is. The bike will get Mini-Vee brakes.


Friday, January 20, 2023

Mass start aluminum track frame with steel fork

This one is bound for San Diego, Calif. Seems like I am getting a few bikes on the velodromes of SoCal, thanks to the presence of team rider Max Judelson.  This frame is very stout, made with a combination of NOS Easton Elite and Deda Fire 7005 tubing. The fork is steel with some really stiff blades and a narrow profile crown. 


Ultimundo road frame going to Mill Valley, Calif.

This is my top of the heap steel road frame package-frame of Columbus spirit/life mix with Enve fork painted to match, King headset and Jen Green head badge. All this for under $3,000 except that a second paint color might be a bit more. These frames are under 4 lbs. so building up a light bike with a steel frame is reasonable.
This one is the disc brake version set up for wireless shifting.


Friday, January 13, 2023

Steel CX frame with a fastback seat binder

Not something I have done much of but I did get a special request from a local rider so I was keen to revisit an old style seat stay attachment . It seems to have come out well and should be durable. It took more time than the usual tig welded stay attachment that I do but in some ways it was a bit easier. 
This frame is made to take 700x42 tires and will have mechanical shifting with an Enve G-series fork.


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A bit of the past re-emerges at the shop

Through a customer of mine I was alerted to a garage sale of the inventory of an older bike frame builder. He was part time at building and offered painting and repairs but he must have also sold frame building supplies as he had a big inventory of lugs, crowns and BB shells along with some dropouts. There's no way he would have used all of this stuff for his own frames as he really didn't concentrate on frame building but treated as a sideline to his wholesale distributorship. He sold small parts and accessories and there were a lot of forgotten and obsolete products in boxes that had been invaded by rats. It was a pretty smelly mess but the many lugs and BB's were worth the trip and all the crawling around in the rat turds and dust. 
My plan is to build a few traditional lugged frames every year and offer them up as the 'Legacy' frames- not so much my legacy but that of the builders that came before me. When people such as Hugh Enochs and Albert Eisentraut were starting to build there were little or no places in the USA to buy supplies so stuff like you see here in the photos had to be sourced directly from Europe. 

The few frames that I build from this stuff will be very much in the style of the '60's and '70's when these bits were current. If you are looking for something for big tires, disc brakes or internal cables, these frames will not be for you. If you want a frame with traditional materials and have proper old parts for a retro build you'll be happy with what you get. These frames will be built in the style of the time when I first started building but with my 40+ years experience, they should be much better built than what I was doing back then. Everything down to the brazing rod and cable guides will be from this inventory and I will only substitute when I run out of a particular tube or fitting. Most of the tubing I have is Reynolds 531 but there is some Columbus as well. I will have the first prototype ( Pretty funny to call it that ..) back from the painter in a few weeks. 

Friday, January 6, 2023

First frame of 2023- steel all road frame

This one will take fenders and a rear rack. It will be paired with an Enve G-series fork that has fender fittings. The 6'3" rider will mainly be riding on the road but I think once he takes it in the dirt he will probably become a convert. 


Thursday, January 5, 2023

Customer bike for sale

I have a customer who had me build this frame about 6 years ago. He has only put about 1,000 miles on the bike so he's thinking that he will sell it. Check it out- it is really amazingly clean. 
Here's the data on the parts: 7005 aluminum road frame- Enve fork painted to match. Ultegra 11 speed mechanical group with Dura Ace 9000 C-24 wheels set up tubeless with 28 mm IRC tires. Easton carbon bar, aluminum post and Zipp service course stem 100 mm. Cranks are 170 with 50-34 rings. Cassette is 11-28. Fizik Arione CX saddle.
Fit geometry : 550 virtual top tube , 460 c/t/c seat tube , standover 785. Crown race to stem 205. Chain stay is 410. Brakes are set up reversed but can be returned to normal easily. The bike without pedals weighs 17 lb. 7 oz. here's the contact email:     David is a super nice guy and takes care of his many bikes really well. He is asking $ 2,000 which is far less than the price of the frame with this paint work.