Saturday, March 30, 2013

Single speed 650 frame and fork for NYC

 Actually, this one is going to Staten Island. I have bikes on Manhattan, in Brooklyn and upstate but this will be the first frame I have sent to Staten Island.
 The fork is about 1 cm shorter than an 80 mm travel Rock Shock. this allows the rider to switch to a shock fork without changing the geometry of the bike. Since the primary use will be city riding it will most likely stay fully rigid most of the time.
 The frame has the Paragon 44 mm I.D. head tube and will use a King "hiddenset". This allows the bars to be at a good height for the 5'5" rider.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Single speed CX bike fully built

 I assembled and test rode this today. It's light and springy and has a sporty look. I didn't weigh it yet but it feels like about 19 lbs. Lots of nice USA bits on it-Paul Component , Thompson and King.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Single speed S-3 'cross frame for Colorado

 I have to build this one up as a whole bike, right down to building the wheels. The bike will get similar stuff to what we use on our team bikes-Paul Component Engineering cranks and hubs laced to Mavic open pro rims. It won't be the lightest build but I think all the parts really make sense. Even without the lightest stuff, it is difficult to make a heavy single speed 'cross bike when you have a light frame like this.

Another ever so slightly taller steel 'cross frame

 This customer and the previous customer know each other and both race in the Bay area. It will be fun to see them battle it out on nearly identical frames. The difference with this one is the top tube is a taste longer as well as the head tube. All other details except the front der. cable routing are pretty much the same.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steel 'cross frame and fork for Bay area rider

 This is the latest incarnation of the Euro. I boosted the tire room in the back just a taste and for this rider I used some pretty light tubing in the rear triangle. The frame weighs 3 lb. 14 oz. , lighter than I would have expected but this is not a large frame, about a 48 cm.
 There are eyelts on the dropouts front and rear and a threaded hole on the back of the fork-there's also a boss on the underside of the seat stay bridge. It should be a fairly clean fender attachment for a race bike.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two versions

 This will probably never happen again-building two forks , one with the 30 year old crown and the other with the newer version inspired by the original.......and I built both in the same week. One goes to San Fransisco and the other  is going out of state.
This is the newer version with the Pacenti mountain bike crown. It is definitely more refined and easier to work with than the crude original but the lines of the old one are classic and graceful.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Racy town bike for S.F.

 Don't be fooled by the look of this's a town bike. It has the super wide range Sram Red Wi-fli cassette and Shimano mechanical disc brakes.
 The Continental wire-bead  700x30 tires are usually sluggish but with this Mavic SLR wheelset they are pretty quick feeling. At 22 lbs. this bike feels a lot lighter. The frame is steel with a tapered steerer carbon fork.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Scandium/7005 mix single speed 'cross frame

 I put some of the very last scandium main tubes in the front end of this frame but went heavy duty on the rear stays . This is to prevent the disc brake forces from twisting the frame.
 There will be a tapered steerer carbon disc fork fitted to this frame , along with some of the best parts available. This is primarily a test-chassis .......more about that later. This is pretty close in features and design to the frame ridden to tow national podium spots in the last two seasons by Aaron Bradford. The sliding dropouts make it so a Q.R. rear axle can be used.....a nice feature for roadside tire changes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Small 650 bike assembled

 This bike has a lot of options......can you spot all of them ? It is for a local rider. The last time I built an MTB for this person it was 1988 !  She has had a few full suspension bikes over the years but this will be the manifestation of her ideas.
 There's an X-Fusion fork and dropper post with a remote. It has an Alfine 11 speed rear hub, too. No derailleurs ! 
Did I also mention that it is belt-drive ?  The list goes on and's also pretty cute.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aluminum 'cross frame for Chicago

 This frame is pretty much my stock in trade with two exceptions: # 1, it has downtube cable routing and # 2, it has a 43.5 cm chainstay. I think the longer chainstay is a good idea for anywhere there's snow and freezing mud that can clog the rear triangle of the bike. A few extra millimeters of room can make a difference.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tall 7005 road frame

 This frame has the newer stuff.....44 mm ID head tube for the tapered steerer and press-fit 30 BB. I don't even have a cutter for the BB yet......I'll need to get that soon. This frame is really tall as the standover on this rider is over 36 " !  Those are som really long legs.
 The bike should be really stable and be a good climber. The tubes are pretty light except maybe for the head tube. At least I did some machining on it to get it a bit lighter. This one is going to So-Cal.

7005 Easton frame for New York state

 I posted this frame before the paint and decals went on. This one has the new is growing on me. I might have to get a real supply of these for the future.
 This frame has a normal threaded BB and straight 1 1/8" steerer setup. Hey, it works fine and it looks proper on a frame this size. This frame also has the last set of 7005 ultralite seat stays in my stash.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Columbus Max road frame for Maryland

Yes, that's not a typo......there's a bunch of Max tubing in this frame. I subbed out a different seat tube and seat stays but the important part of the tube set is there. I used to build with this tubing back in the mid '90's....seems like a different life back then. I was in a different shop and had not gotten a website up yet. 
 This bike will see the streets of Maryland and D.C. The frame will be fitted with fenders and hopefully see year round duty. It is a stout, strong ride but it also could be pretty quick , given that the tubes are pretty large cross section and not very heavy. I kind of wish I could ride it before it gets sent off.....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Disc brake 7005 'cross frame

 A guy in the bike industry saw a frame like this at Interbike and liked it enough to want to order one for himself. I think that this edition came out even nicer than the original.
 The frame will be fitted with an Enve 'cross fork and most likely Shimano CX-70 disc calipers.
This is a really stout tube set that will be very durable and stiff. I think you could ride down staircases on this and not faze it at all.