Monday, May 23, 2011

Scandium cross country frame

It seems like a long time since I have welded any aluminum or scandium. I have been on the steel treadmill for a couple of months and it is always fun to switch materials for awhile. This frame is # 1 in a batch of 6-7 scandium frames, mostly for the 'cross team.
This is a smaller 26"wheel MTB frame that will see lots of trail use and some racing. I have not weighed it yet but it feels very light , definitely lighter than my new 29er.
The stays are all NOS Easton made in the USA. I wish I could always use this stuff but it is in short supply and will no doubt be gone soon.
Here's the side view. The frame is a 16" center to center and will take up to 2.2 tires along with a 100 MM fork.

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