Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Big tire CX frame for Seattle.

The customer ordered his own Jen Green head badge in brass. This is only the second one I have seen.... a really cool look.
 Yes, this frame is that purple ! It glows and sparkles in the sun in a big way. The Paragon head tube is extra burly for a tapered steerer and lots of hours in the woods.

Tall aluminum CX frame for Madison

 Yes, this one is a tall one and a traditional race build- rim brakes and Q.R. axles. This makes for a light bike and quicker wheel changes.
 The Enve fork had been painted to match. These rim brake carbon forks seem to be an endangered species as the industry is trying to tell us that the only viable brake system is the disc brake. While I really like disc brakes I feel that in CX it doesn't make as much of a difference as the industry would like us to believe. The ability to brake later before a turn is a good thing. The pads that don't hold up in bad weather conditions is a bad thing. It is a wash as far as I am concerned unless you are 180 lbs. and over and really ride the trails a lot. Oh ,'s one that bucks the trend !

Monday, March 28, 2016

Steel big tire CX frame for Missouri

This is a fairly light build with a Whiskey carbon fork. The thru-axles front and rear should make the bike ride on a rail during hard braking. If I were not in possession of an aluminum big tire CX bike I think that I would build one of these for me.
 I like the idea of a bike that one can ride nearly everywhere without the complication of suspension. Sure,this won't do what a big travel bike will do but that kind of riding scares the hell out of me !
Having a f fully rigid bike with drop bars makes you pay attention to the trail and not be tempted to really get massive least for most folks.

aluminum road racing frame for a bay area rider

This one is a pretty modern version with an integral headset and tapered steerer fork. The bike also has a PF-30 BB shell, a request from the customer as this bike will have Sram Red components.
 The whole bike should be pretty light as it is light material and not a very big frame. The rider is about 5'4". Should feel pretty fast and stiff.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Big tire steel CX frame for local

This one is the last in a series of frames for a local team. Five riders will have nearly identical disc brake CX bikes like this one in the coming season. The frame sports a Jen Green copper/silver mix head badge, a Praxis works crank and BB and an Enve disc CX fork. This bike will be a real workhorse-the stout steel tubes and tapered fork will be great for trail riding or racing.
 The bike has a couple of older features like regular Q.R. dropouts and an IS type disc mount. Standards are changing almost monthly so some stuff like this may seem old even if it was what was on all the bikes just a few months back. Keeping up with all the changes is a headache for a small builder but it does pose a good challenge.

Steel CX frame for east bay

The color on this frame and fork is called 'Vintage purple' but it is really a kind of lavender. The bike will have fender capability and be a good choice for commuting on less than average quality pavement. The silver King headset and DKG seat collar are a nice touch with the paint color.
 This is a pretty traditional build having a 1 1/8" steerer fork and rim brakes. Even though this is not the most cutting edge type of build I find that these are some of the nicest riding bikes that I build. Rim brake bikes are indeed lighter and the steel forks have a unique shock absorbing quality.
Here's one builder's testimony to not write off bikes like this in favor of more current configurations.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Steel CX frame and fork for Alabama

 This might be the very first frame I have sent to Alabama. I have frames in nearly every state surrounding Alabama but here's the first one going there.
 The frame has a nod to tradition with a nearly level top tube and a flat crowned steel fork. This is a race bike that can take up to a 700x38 tire. No fenders or racks for this one-it will be all about tearing around in the dirt.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ultimundo road frame set for Oakland , Calif.

Seems like I build one of these a month. The formula of a light steel road frame with a tapered Enve fork painted to match is a popular thing. What you see goes for $ 2,500 including the King headset.

I have been offering this package for about a year now and the response has been very positive. It's nice to know that you can build up a steel road bike in the 17  1/2 lb. range . One of these might be in my future as well........I would like to be riding on steel again.

Steel single speed CX frame for So-Cal

 This bike could wear a few different hats but primarily it is a S/S CX race bike. I call the color "Hot rod orange" but the photos don't really do it justice.
The color has so much going on that matching the fork was out of the question. There are layers of metal-flake and pearlescence that add tremendous depth to the color.

The tapered fork is an Enve and the headset is a special model I get from King that fits the tapered steel head tube from Solid BMX.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

1984 Rock Lobster MTB

 Yes, that's not a typo. This is Rock Lobster # 2 , not the second ever frame that I built but the second mountain bike. The fork was built four years ago as the original one got lost by the third owner. I am now the first and subsequently fourth owner as I got the frame back about 2011 and restored it for the 2012 NAHBS in Sacramento.
The equipment is almost exactly what I put on the bike when I first built it up. The pedals are modern as the originals are long gone and were not all that great anyway. The bike first had a Campagnolo rally rear der. but a stick destroyed it after a year of riding in the forests around Santa Cruz.                
It is doubtful that this bike has seen the dirt since the mid '90's. This coming weekend it will see plenty, as long as the weather is good.
There's a mountain bike race in the southern Sierra foothills called the Keyesville Classic. They have a vintage MTB category and two of us will compete on pre-1986 bikes in that class. Should be pretty funny trying to ride these dinosaurs over the rocks .                                             

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steel big tire CX frame for Fullerton, Ca.

 Nice sparkle black on this one. More traditional than a lot of frames I have been building this winter, this one has rim brakes and regular Q.R. dropouts. Nothing wrong with the stuff that has served well for generations.
 The only modern feature is the tapered steerer front end-not a bad idea for the rigors of CX riding and racing. The Enve fork has been painted to match and the blue decals are custom ordered and not a stock item.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another 'Alfie' , this one will be Di II

 Yes, Di II. Shimano makes the Alfine rear hub in Di II and this customer has one. The Alfie bike is usually sold as a town bike but this one will also have touring duties as the rack and fender mounts indicate. There's also three sets of bottle bosses as well. This is probably the nicest edition of this model I have built to date. Hopefully I'll get pictures of the complete build next month.
 For those of you wondering why photos have not been put up as often, I have been much more diligent with the Rock Lobster Facebook site, putting up photos almost daily. I promise that I'll be a bit better here, though. This is a better and more established spot for my photos and reports.