Tuesday, November 29, 2016

jacknife of all trades sorta

 This one is getting picked up tomorrow so I thought that I had better get it on the blog tonight.The frame is steel while the fork is and Enve carbon painted to match. The stem is an aluminum Shimano 'Pro' , also painted to match.
 This one will be going to Monterey so it will be pretty local. The owner has been a supporter and worker at the local Surf City CX series-maybe the bike might get in a race or two......

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fixed gear road frame

 Yes, I do build track bikes but I also build stuff like this-a fixed gear frame oriented toward longer road training. The difference is the slacker angles and longer wheelbase. The bottom bracket is still pretty high as you have to be able to pedal through corners.
 This is the fixed gear equivalent of the 'Ulitmundo' frame that I build for road. The tubing is pretty much the same set. The s-bend on the chainstays are very subtle so that there is ample clearance for the narrow q-factor track cranks. When this one is built up I will get some good photos of it as early next year I plan an overhaul of my website.
The frame will be fitted with an Enve tapered road fork so that a front brake can be employed.

Monday, November 21, 2016

big tire CX for western Colorado

 It was definitely late in the day but I did get this one prepped and in a box to send out tomorrow morning. This one is supposed to wear a number of hats-race bike, trail bike, off road tourer- lots of uses. I had to limit the tire size to 700x40 to keep it racy.
 The headbadge has some copper in it that should turn redder with age and compliment the red soil of the region......or at least that's what I hope ! The frame will be mated to an Enve CX disc fork.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Alfine Di II townie all built

 I think I built this frame and fork last year. The customer has a lot of bikes and is very busy so it took a long time for him to build it up but it is finally done.
I rode it a little bit and noted that it was very smooth and might be a very good bike to ride when one is intoxicated. Yes, I said it- you could ride home from the bar on this one and probably make it home   in one piece. Might not be good to lock it up at night , though......

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Steel big tire CX frame for western Colorado

This frame will have many duties-700x28 to 700x43 and everything inbetween. Originally the customer was asking for 2" tire room but I had to draw the line at 40-43. Try to make one bike that does 4-5things and you will wind up with some not so good compromises.
That is not the case with this one . With the right tires this bike will be great on the dirt-with the right wheels and tires it will be pretty good on the road-not a 16 lb. race bike but still pretty quick and very stable on those long Colorado downhills.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Steel road frame and fork for Morgan Hill, Calif.

 Steel tubes and 700x28 tires should smooth out the roads where this bike will be ridden.
 The owner likes to take the remote dirt roads that cut across the Santa Cruz mountains but isn't really into getting a CX or gravel style bike. Although this will get some dirt miles, it is still a road bike-just a bit more forgiving and posessing a taste more tire room.

SSCX for Ft. Collins, Co.

This frame is atually more than a single speed as there's a chance that the owner will install Sram Etap. This system is wireless so the whole drivetrain will integrate with a frame like this that has no gear cable guides. All that is needed is a rear der. hanger and the dropout insert has one.
 As in the popular style, the fork has been painted to match the frame . The orange letter in the otherwise gold drive side decal has a but of a story. I won't bore you with the details but the orange letter will make this bike easier to pick out form the herd of sea foam Lobster CX frames .

Steel gravel frame with Enve GRD fork

 This one is going to Madison, Wisconsin. There's a huge network for paths and roads that connect neighborhoods - they  wind in between houses and down quiet valleys and there's nothing quite like it out here in Calif. This bike should be good for the varying conditions and seasons of the area.
 The matte clear coat is over a wet color coat. The primer is powdercoat so this might be the most durable finish I offer.