Wednesday, October 26, 2016

7005 single speed 29er for Vermont

 This frame is extremely heavy duty-I used and Easton NOS "rad" downtube. I still have a box and a half of these. If you want to ride down rock gardens and feel secure , this tube will do the job.
 The Ahrens yokes in the back make for some pretty good tire room-looks like a 3" tire would fit.
The slider dropouts will accept a number of different inserts for various axles and disc brakes, even a der. hanger is available.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

650 monster cross for a local rider

 This is the second 650 in a row for me- a sign of the times that 650 is here in a big way.
 This one will see a 1X XTR transmission and hydraulic disc brakes. Should be a fun bike.
The bike is sized for 650 X 2.1" tires but it looks like you could go bigger, even with the short 425 mm chain stays.

650 mtn. frame in steel

 This one will get built up with XTR, carbon rims and a Fox fork. Should be a fun, light bike.
 This frame has some of the new re-issued Tange Prestige chain stays, now becoming my go-to tubes for some of the lighter builds. Looking forward to seeing this one take shape as a complete bike.