Saturday, September 29, 2018

CX frame in 7005 for Seattle area

 This frame has two firsts for me on an aluminum CX frame. # 1, dropper post port.# 2, fr. der. boss. With all the stuff going on in the lower part of the seat tube a clamp-on fr. der. would not really work.
 This frame also has fender eyelets on the dropouts and one under the seat stay bridge. It does rain where this frame is going. The stem and fork have been painted to match. It's a nice package- all in the team color.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Gravel frame in steel for Sausalito, Calif.

 This one is paired with the new Whiskey flat mount fork and a King headset. The rear hydraulic line goes inside the down tube- this is becoming a very popular feature on my steel frames, even if it is an additional $ 100. The routing of the rear der. cable under the tup tube is for general trail riding and not for CX racing as it is not a bike that will be shouldered. As of this month I have build 19 of these this year in steel, making it my most popular frame. I have done nearly that many in aluminum as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Old frame gets a new life

 This is Rock Lobster MTB frame # 0128. I think it is from 1991. It started its life as a fully rigid bike and has been in use for most of the last 27 years. Now it will have a new front end paired with a Fox fork and a disc brake on the rear. Bike collectors might be angry to see an older bike get re-purposed like this but the owner wants to keep riding it and these changes will make the bike much more useful to him.
While the bike will have a modern fork and brake set, the frame will retain the old look with bronze fillet brazed joints. The tubes are larger diameter but from a distance the frame will still look like it did before the work was done. This is an old customer and this kind of re-do is something I normally do not take on. You might be looking at the last one right here.