Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Check out plusonelap.com for a short feature on framebuilders of cyclocross frames. This site is a 'cross fanatics must see. There is a framebuilder questioneer that will feature Rock Lobster in one week. Keep an eye out for it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dr. Swigg's guide to wine #2

At the risk of cutting my own gullet, here are two gems that are under $ 10. At Shopper's corner there appears to be a good supply of Margaret River "Watershed" Shiraz, 2002 $ 6.99 . This is a great wine from down under with plenty of flavor and body. Whoever is the wine buyer at Shoppers now seems to be keeping an eye out for those great wines in the under $ 10 range- great news for the working class. Next up may be gone but I scored some yesterday at T.J.'s. Ruston " Cuvee Lorraine" 2003 $ 19.99 . This wine is from St. Helena.......yes, that's $ 2,000,000 per acre Napa Valley prime Cabernet land. Does it taste like it? -Definitely...take a swig,close your eyes and you'll think you are drinking a $60 bottle at Gavin Newsome's house.....well, if he's drinking anymore. This one's all about richness and depth...probably a good many months in the barrel. One rarely sees a wine of this quality at this price.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New bikes on the road

Here are two unique bikes. Number one is a 29er single speed drop-bar racer made of scandium. Number two is a travel bike/cross bike with S&S couplers.