Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rock Lobster # 046WB

Every once in awhile someone will come by with one of my older frames. This one is from 1988 when I first opened my doors as a fulltime builder. I built the frame as a trade for some photos that still adorn the walls of my shop. The owner is a professional photographer and has kept the bike for 23 years. Now he intends to sell it to to build frames. He wants a torch and tanks to start brazing so don't be surprised to see this bike advertised for sale somewhere like MTBR classifieds or ebay.
The frame is fillet brazed , built before I had a tig welder . The model is "Team Issue" so the fillets are unfiled. I had done a few repairs and mods on the frame but it still rides and has some period correct parts here and there.
This frame was built right around the time I was building my first single speed frames and it shows the same type of construction-hand bent wishbone seat stay, internal gussetting and True Temper tubing. I went away from that tubeset for many years but have come back to the brand and use it a lot. This is an oldie, primitive but still rideable and a piece of my obscure history.


Jeroen said...

Nice to see something from the early days. Say; internal gussetting, what's up with that? Sleeves inside the tubes around the joint-area?

- Jeroen

swiggco world said...

You are correct. I put on external gussets on this frame after it was built for a few years. The owner was beating it up pretty badly and I wanted to try to make it last a little longer. I guess it worked, either that or he stopped riding it as much .