Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014 team CX frame for local rider

 With luck this rider will be skidding through the snowy turns at the upcoming nationals in Boulder, Colorado in a few weeks. Nothing like disc brakes and a stout fork from Easton to tame the hilly track at Valmont bike park.
The mango seat clamp and headset are not the official team color but they will help set this bike apart in a sea of team bikes in the pit area.....nothing worse than having your spare bike in the pit and not being able to tell it apart from your many team mates bikes !
These new s-bend chainstays will help with mud and slush room. The Hamms helped somebody-not me......I'm not a good drunk bike rider and I have the scars to prove it.

Fender ready road bike for Paul's 'Racer M' brakes

I even made a custom road stem for this one-the cable guide on the stem is something I have not done in a good number of years-the customer asked for it so there it is .......just like a 1990 vintage stem, except for the modern steerer and handlebar clamps from Paragon.
 I used a Mitsugi crown from Pacenti designs-this is probably my favorite crown to build raked road forks with. It really looks like a Masi crown from the '70's.
The bosses for the Racer M brakes have to be very high as these are center pull brakes rather than cantilever style. The brakes should allow for a 700x28 tire and a fender. Without the fender I'm sure you could throw in a Jack Brown or similar 700x33 tire.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Steel road frame and fork for bay area

 I did not use the really big diameter tubes as this rider is not heavy enough to benefit from it. That said, it should be plenty rigid for climbing out of the saddle and feeling secure on fast descents. This is nearly all a Columbus build from the 'Life' set. The fork is a favorite of mine-the straight blade R-7 crown-I have one on my traveling bike. It is a simple and elegant style.