Saturday, February 26, 2022

7005 complete bike for sale

It is rare but every once in awhile I wind up with an extra frame. This one has a 529 mm top tube and a 491 mm c/t/c seat tube with a 123 mm head tube. It is an unridden bike with all Ultegra 8000 11 speed with the exception of 105 hubs and a carbon Praxis crankset.
The fork is an Enve tapered road fork. The cockpit is Shimano Vibe. Seatpost is a Thomson Elite 31.6
The wheels were built by me in the shop with Mavic NOS Open pro rims and DT competition butted spokes. The tires are Michelin Pro Power endurance 700x28. This is a road racing bike with fairly snappy geometry. The saddle is a Shimano Pro Turnix with carbon rails. The bike as you see it without pedals is 18 lbs. I'm asking $ 3,000 which is about $ 1,500 less than retail. Most of these parts were in inventory so I'm using the bike as a means to get more shelf room. You can reach me at if you are interested. The only thing used on the bike are the chainrings and they have maybe 100 miles on them. I had to use them as I was only able to buy a new carbon arm set- chainrings ( like everything else ) were out of stock. It is our team color and has the original 1984 design decals . 

7005 disc road frame for a very tall rider

The person who will pilot this giant is a bit of a giant himself at about 6'7". His current ride is a decades old steel frame from the late Peter Johnson. The customer asked if I could build him something a bit racier than his current bike which has a fairly long wheelbase and relaxed geometry. 
Going with aluminum will give this rider some more stiffness, less weight and maybe a racier feel. I hope that he likes what I built. It is daunting to build a frame for someone who has one of Peter's rare beauties but hey- it is all in how it rides so if the customer likes what the bike does on the road, my job was successful.


7005 29er boost for a tall rider

This frame has no hear cable guides as it will have wireless shifting. The brake and dropper post routing are mostly internal so this will be a frame with a very clean look. The rider is nearly 6'5" so getting tubes long enough to build it was an adventure. 
The tubing is a mix of stuff from three continents - There's even some NOS US made Easton tubes in the rear triangle. I'll probably run out of the square seat stays some time next year , ending a two-decade run of making frames out of the stash I got so many years ago. I hope that if I need some made I still have sources who can do that. Small runs of custom tubes do happen but in a few years maybe not.....
I feel lucky that the bulk of my career was spent when there was a good supply of materials to build frames like this. In the coming decades I wonder what will happen with frame building and the supply chain. It really does not seem to be thriving like it did maybe 15 years ago . Some builders are very busy but the tubing supply chain is not keeping up with the demand right now. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Suspension length steel MTB fork.

Yes, I do build these when I have time. The blades are NOS True Temper and they are really stout. 
This customer chose to have the three bosses on the sides for some sort of large bottle cage. 

Steel 29er Boost complete bike going to Paradise, Calif.

Some of you might remember a big fire that wiped out this town not long ago. This customer lost his house and with it the bike I had built for him. Fortunately , insurance has set him up with a new house and now with a new bike.
The bike I built for him some years ago was similar but this one is a bit updated. It has boost spacing front and rear, more travel on the fork and room for 2.3" tires . It also has a dropper post which the previous bike did not have. This also has carbon rims so it should move along nicely but also be able to take some abuse.
The owner specified flat pedals and I was able to find some Race Face pedals in a pretty close color to the frame. 
The frame was originally going to have a head badge made of silver salvaged from the burnt down house but we wound up going for my standard Jen Green sterling badge. I was really lucky to find the King Inset-7 headset. I waited many months to get this whole build together and I feel fortunate that I was able to finally make it happen. I hope the customer likes this one as much or more than the first one.

Monday, February 14, 2022

7005 29er MTB frame for Santa Barbara

This one is boost spacing but built for 2.4" tires so it is more cross country oriented.
About half of the tubes are NOS Easton. I will probably run out of this stuff - at least the most useful tubes in about a year or two depending on how many of these get built in that period. Frames like this are getting more popular as of late.
The frame will take a 31.6 seat post and there is routing for a dropper. The frame will be fitted to a 100 mm travel Fox fork.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Took long enough..........

in 1999 I got a call from Mountain Bike Action magazine asking for a single speed bike to be in a feature. They gave me a little less than 2 weeks to come up with the bike so I had a mad scramble to get it together. I didn't get to properly ride it before I boxed it up and sent it to the magazine. I was really broke so I reached out to a few companies for some free parts. Rock Shox, Paul Components, Salsa , Chris King and Mavic gave me most of what I needed. The cranks were used that I bought from a friend so this build was a real cob-job. 
Little did I know that the bike would get a really positive review and that it was the editor's choice out of the 4-5 bikes in the review- all single speeds. My bike made the cover of the magazine and I got some real big time publicity. It took a few months before the bike came back and I was able to finally ride it. I got a sense that maybe I had built the best handling MTB of my career after a few rides. This bike became my go-to MTB for most of my dirt riding, culminating with a ride in the 2008 SSWC Napa where I suffered like never before for 4 hrs. 15 min in 90+ degree heat on this bike. By the end I could barely pedal I was so spent. After that I hung the bike up until last week. I took it out for the first real ride in nearly 14 all came back to me how much I love single speeding and how , even though the bike is 23 years old and the fork is really tired , this bike still rides great. I'm hoping to get back into single speeding this year- pretty insane at 66 years old but hey- it has a nice easy gear and I live where the trails are perfect for single speeding.-Now if I can only find that shock pump.......

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Aluminum gravel racer going to Santa Barbara, Calif.

This rider is on the team but he already has a team color CX bike. Fornthe gravel circuit he picked one of my favorite colors- "Blacklight purple" . He still did a nod to the team with the seafoam decals.
The Enve fork was painted to match the powdercoat of the frame. This color is very hard to match but Joe's bicycle painting in Watsonville did a great job. 


Steel gravel frame going to Texas

This one has some extra crimping on the chain stays for slightly larger 700x45 tires.
The Enve G-series fork was painted to match by Joe's bicycle painting in Watsonville, Calif. I am using them now that my long time painter Allan has retired. I'll miss Allan for sure but Joe's does a great job and quick turnaround as well. 


Friday, February 4, 2022

7005 WCCX frame for a junior team member

The big Feb. aluminum batch continues. This is the third frame in the batch that might number about a dozen by the end of the month. I'm trying to play catch up while things are a little slow. I still have about 70 frames on order and about 1/4 of them are just like this- CX race frames. Back a few months ago I thought that maybe I would be building more gravel stuff this winter, particularly steel. After a good long look at the list I was surprised to see that nearly 20 of these WCCX frames were on order. 
After launching this model about 2 years ago I was not sure how many people would want it but it looks to be the most popular frame of 2022 for me. At 3 lb. 6 oz, this one is light but still solid enough for the rigors of CX racing at the national level. One just like this was ridden to 17th place in the worlds in the junior 17-18 category in Fayetteville, Ar. by team member Dan English. 
If you want to ride on a frame just like what I build for racing at the top of the sport, this is the one. The top tube is flattened to make it a little easier on the shoulder when running and the rear tire room will accept up to a 700x40 tire for gravel racing. No fender or rack mounts- this is a frame for speed.