Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Granny Smith hartail

I always have a hard time using the phrase " Hardtail" to describe a mountain bike. I don't build full suspension and rode in the dirt for many years before any suspension was available, front or rear. I don't have anything against full-suspension, I just don't have the background that would make me want to build it. This frame is a pretty standard setup for me, the disc brake, wishbone stay and not really huge diameter tubing is what I do. This one came out pretty nice.
The customer chose silver decals against the lime-green metallic/candy finish. i think it was a good choice.I probably have about seven decal colors available but I would have chosen this combination if it were my bike. I also built a bar/stem combo painted to match but it is in the box already so you'll just have to imagine what it would look like.

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