Monday, June 15, 2020

Steel gravel frame for local

 This one has a painted to match Enve G-series fork. The tubing is mostly Columbus 'Life' and 'Spirit' mixed to provide lightness without making the frame overly delicate.
 The headset is the King tapered 'No-threadset' and the bike is set up for mechanical 1X shifting and flat-mount disc brakes. This is probably the most popular type of frame I am building in this year of 2020. I think that I have built nearly 20 already so it looks like I might exceed the previous record of 27 of this type of frame in one calendar year. Total frames built in 2020 as of last week is 47 so I think that this year might be above average in spite of the Covid-19 virus and all it has brought and taken away.
I guess the thing that makes bikes still viable is that one is not likely to contract the virus while riding. Thank goodness for that, otherwise we would all be quite sick.