Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Accessorizing....white is the new black.

I'm so embarassed-Iv'e fallen prey to superficiality assembling this bike. Yes, it's really light, 15 lb.s , 15 oz. Yes, it's all the new stuff for the most part. And yes, I did pick out much of the components based on a color scheme. I'm still waiting for the white Easton stem. I had the shoes first ( Mavic ) and had to wait six months until the bike was built before I wore them. Today I'll debut the whole mess on the lunch ride. If I get dropped, I'll at least look fast all by myself on this white rolling fashion statement.

Friday, November 20, 2009

26" single speed for 140 mm shock

I was fortunate back in 2002 to get a huge stash of USA made Easton Elite 7005 aluminum tubing for MTB frames. When I got it I thought that it was unlikely that I would ever use it all. Now I'm finding that I am starting to go thrugh it rapidly as the hardtail revival has really come to my shop in a big way. of the last nine frames I have built four of them are 7005 hardtails, two 29ers and two for 26". This one has the full ADG kit. To explain for those who don't know, Mike Ahrens in San Jose designs the yokes and slider dropouts in this frame. He also designs all sorts of frames as well. Without Mike's frame hardware, this kind of frame would not be possible for me to build in any solid repeatable way. Mike's yokes and dropouts are US made ,complimenting the rest of the materials.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

7005 Easton 29er

The welder was not fighting me today so I thought I would put some photos of this nearly completed frame up. This frame is #7 out of 12 that I am attempting to build this month before going back to steel for the remainder of the year. Being a framebuilder means that I get to see everybody's frame when its in its shiny birthday suite. I haven't a clue what color this one will be but right now I like looking at it just the way it is. Too bad about corrosion......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a new model......really !

Here it is, fall and all the big bike companies have already shown the world all of their new stuff at the big trade shows. I'm too broke and too busy to go to any of these shows but that won't stop me from coming up with a new 2010 road frame with features not seen on my bikes until now. This frame is scandium with a carbon seatstay...something I have done for years but this time there's an integrated headset and a BB-30 shell. I'm hoping to get it built and rideable in the next week or so. The frame weighs a scant 2 lbs. 11 oz. so the whole bike has a good chance of being down in the 15 lb. range with the components I have to put on it, mostly 7900 Dura Ace. I had to modify my Paragon dropouts to take the carbon wishbone but it came out pretty clean.Reynolds does not make this seatstay wishbone any more so I'll have to source something else, possibly Dedaccai or Columbus. I'm hoping that this combo makes for a smooth ride without sacrificing the front end rigidity that I like so much.In case you are wondering , yes-I did put the frame on the floor to photograph it. Don't worry, it's my frame and it didn't get scratched....yet !