Thursday, July 22, 2021

Steel mass-start track frame with carbon fork for midwest

This brave fellow who ordered this frame races on the velodrome on a 30 year old bike. He's getting something a bit more modern and I hope that he likes it. This is the 'Mass-start' model made for all track events but mainly for miss-and-out, points race and match sprints. The fork is a Wound-Up made in Utah and I had a bit of a wait to get it . All supplies are tough to get right now-at least this one is all boxed up and on its way east.


7005 all-road frame with steel fork for New Jersey

A couple of unique things with the fork- there's an integrated cable stop for the front brake. I think this is the first one I have ever done- learned a couple things in the process. There's also some braze-ons for bottle cages on the fork legs. I have only done this a few times.

While the aluminum frame with the steel fork is a little unusual, it isn't that rare of a build for me.There's some riders on the east coast who request this build. My first aluminum CX bike had a steel fork so the idea is not a new one, rather it is a bit of a blast from the past. 


Friday, July 16, 2021

Enve Grodeo show bike comes home

Most bikes that I build for shows are sold right after the event. I thought about selling this one but decided that since I was thinking of racing another season I might as well have a modern bike for it. Riding this bike has made me realize that new bikes with high-end parts are friggin' fast. 
Riding a familiar route on this bike at a pretty hard tempo was enlightening. I came within a second of my best ever elapsed times on some segments without going at race pace. This bike with the new Enve G-23 wheels is very easy to pedal along. 
Maybe I'll be a bit more competitive this next season- not because the bike is faster but because I'll want to try to make it faster with some real training . I'm not 100% sold on the super wide bars for racing- but I'll try them on the trails for the next couple of months. This bike is the newer version of the 7005 CX race bike that I started building in 2019- the 'World Cup'.  I won't be near any world cup but I'll at least be riding a bike that was designed for it. I'll just have to try not to come in last in the local series races.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Dedacciai Adversa tubed road frame

Paired with a Ritchey  fork and headset, this one is very light, pretty much right at 3 lbs. for the frame.
The large diameter down tube should hold up to the forces of the disc brake. This is the only frame of this material that I have built for disc brakes so it is a bit of an experiment but the extra strength of the 7000 series alloy should be up tot the task.
The last touch is the brass Jen Green headbadge.

Steel CX/SL frame with fender eyelets

Built in the style that I have done for just under 30 years, this one differs in that it has a chain stay crossmember with a fitting to anchor a fender. Normally, these frames are stripped down and don't get built up for what this bike will be used for.
Bike packing, commuting and general forest riding will be what this bike will be used for in the future.
The tubing is a mix of Velospec and Columbus Zona steel and it should provide a stable long lasting ride for this 6'4" rider in Colorado.