Saturday, November 28, 2020

CX frame in aluminum for Switzerland

This is frame # 5 in the last aluminum batch of this year of 2020. It is also the 95th frame of the year, bringing me closer to that magic 100 frame goal- not a firm goal as the real goal is to make good stuff. If I can also hit 100 frames for a year it is just another plus. I know that next year I'll be changing to a 4 day a week work schedule so this will likely be the last 100 frame year for me.
The two features that set this one apart from most of my aluminum CX frames are the larger 56/44 mm head tube and the rear rack mounts. Another request from the shop that ordered this was to have down tube routing for the rear der. internal - I don't normally do this but I am not opposed to it. Most bike mechanics prefer to work on bikes with external cabling but this shop seems to be fine with this design.
The riv/nut on the bottom of the bridge is the upper rack mounting point- another specific request from the shop- Cyclecraft ,who has ordered frames from me for nearly a decade. Nice people-they some times visit and always bring some great Swiss chocolate.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Unusual bike for sale

If you are looking for a very versatile bike and you are around 5'7"-5'8" here's something to consider. I rarely have complete bikes for sale but this fall I have a few. One is already gone so here's the next one. It has some really esoteric components. The wheels are 29x2.5......really big tires for a townie. This is more than a townie, though as it could be nice on the dirt as well. The drive train is a Rohloff 14 spd. internal geared hub-super fancy and reliable German craftsmanship. Because the frame has the Paragon Poly-drops the bike could be set up belt drive as well. The front hub is a Son generator hub, one of the best.
The brakeset is the Magura MT-8. The bike has Ergon saddle and grips and a Race Face crankset. The chain is tensioned with a Squid EBB-the bike could also be set up single speed with this feature.
The front axle is 15 mm thru-axle so a variety of disc hubs could be used in place of the generator hub. There's lots of ways one could set up this bike-almost endless variants. The paint is a two-color scheme with some unique decal placement and some small white bands to separate the two colors.
Why do I have this bike for sale ? The customer decided on another type of bike after moving from one state to another so I built him the other frame. This is basically an extra and I do need the room in the shop. The top tube effective is 570. The seat tube c/t/c is 460. The bars are 720 wide. I rode it and I'm 5'9" so it did feel a bit small. The shifting is very precise and the brakes are hydraulic, powerful as one would expect. I did list this on my facebook page for more than I am listing it for here, so if you read this blog, you'll be seeing a much lower price. The bike does not come with pedals but there is a set of fenders that would fit with smaller tires-these are included with the bike. Price is $ 3,900.00 - very low when you consider what all of this stuff normally costs. You can email me at if you are interested.


Steel gravel bike is a graduation present from father to son

That is correct.....pretty nice present, I would say. The bike is steel frame with an Enve G-series carbon fork. The whole component group including wheels is Shimano GRX-810. The post, stem and bars are all from Easton. The headset is King and the tires are the ubiquitous WTB-Nano 40's , the choice of almost everyone I know.
The customer was not very specific on the build and let me come up with something that was high performance without breaking the bank. I hope that the end result makes the owner happy after working so hard at his education.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Complete gravel bike going to Sierra foothills

During Covid, bicycle parts are in short supply and one has to get resourceful. I have about 5 builds going right now but with the scarcity of parts from the suppliers, this is the only one that has been completed so far this month.
The customer specified Shimano GRX-810 and fortunately I had most of the parts in stock. I did have to wait a coupld of weeks for a right hand shifter but when that came I was about to get the bike rolling. I had a set of I-9 hubs and some Whiskey carbon rims that I had originally bought for myself but the customer comes first so this lucky guy og a set of deep-section carbon tubless wheels at a time when none were available.
The bike has a 7005 aluminum frame and is sporting a Jen Green silver headbadge. Originally I wanted to get a Whiskey post to save the customer money but when that was not in stock I opted for an Enve which matches the fork and is probably a better post as well. The dark blue decals match the King headset and BB in Navy pretty well and the whole thing has a bit of a Mercx '90's look.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Chris King 2020 open house show bike for sale

That is correct. If you are 5'10" and want a team CX/Gravel bike with pretty much the ultimate cool build and you don't want to wait 10 months to get it, here is your chance.
The top tube is 560 mm. The seat tube is 525 mm C/T/C and the head tube is 155 mm integrated. 

Components are the following:

King gold anodized centerlock dischubs laced to Enve carbon tubeless rims. The BB and headset are also gold king units.

Bar, stem ,fork and post are Enve carbon as well. Tires are WTB Nano TCS 700x40

Crankset, brakes and shifters are Shimano GRX`810 and Ultegra- long story...I call it the Covid group. 

Saddle is a Brooks Cambium and the tape is Brooks leather. This is a really posh build. For those of you that don't speak posh, this is one sick build. You can have it for $ 5,000. Think about it.......the frame and fork are usually $ 2,300. A wheelset like this is about the same. I think this is about a 40% discount from what it would cost to order one and this is a new bike-unridden and not a demo. You can reach me at if you are interested.


Steel Disc/Road frame for So-Cal.

Here's a frame model that is getting more popular every month. With the Di II and internal hydraulic routing this frame will look pretty uncluttered.
The frame will be fitted to an Enve tapered disc/road fork with a thru-axle. The tubing is all Columbus ,even the head tube. The mix is Zona and Spirit.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Its pink ! Steel all-road gravel bike for east bay

Can you tell that this customer used to work for Paragon Machine works ? If you look at the hardware you'll see a lot of it on this frame and fork. First off, the dropouts are Paragon's 'Rocker' style that allow the bike to be used as a single speed or with an internally geared hub where chain tension must be adjusted.
The head tube, steerer and front dropouts are also Paragon parts , as is the BB shell. There's a seat tube reducer that allows a 27.2 post to be fitted into a 31.8 diameter seat tube.
Other featured that I added were the flat mount on the fork and internal rear brake route on the down tube. There's a lot going on with this frame and it should be able to be used in a variety of capacities.