Friday, April 30, 2021

Outta here !

The last dregs of stuff have been removed from the old shop. I'm now fully moved to 2565 suite F Mission st.  Santa Cruz, Calif. 95060. This shop is in the same building I was in three years, why did I move back then ? Perhaps it was a hasty decision but some times it isn't possible to learn things the first time. I did learn something from being at 719 Swift st. I never want to work in a shop again that has little or no natural light and I also will not work in a space that does not have decent ventilation. It took almost three years but I have learned what matters most to me about a workspace. My new spot is more than I could have ever asked for- I hope that I have a long run there , but however long or short it might be, I'll take it.

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