Thursday, April 1, 2021

2021 might be the year of the 650 gravel bike

Here's an example bound for southern Calif. and the Santa Monica mountains. The tires are Maxxis 47's and fit in the frame well. The parts were not easy to come by as Covid has made bikes hugely popular and suppliers have been drained at all levels. I was able to make this nearly all GRX 810 with the exception of Praxis cranks and BB, a very good substitution in my experience. 
The customer opted for Santa Cruz select-25 carbon wheels laced to Industry-9 Torch hubs . This is literally putting the money where the rubber meets the road-make the bigger expense on the build something that really counts in terms of ride quality. I did not get a chance to ride this bike before boxing it up but I'm sure that it is quick.
The last detail is the Jen Green copper headbadge, always a nice touch. The Easton cockpit is solid and the seatpost has what I consider to be the best design on the market-easy to install and adjust the saddle- an example of something done thoughtfully for the end user and mechanic.


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