Thursday, April 1, 2021

Gravel bike for local with 'Covid' build

So- what is the Covid build, you might ask ? It is simply this- use what you can get at the time you can get it. This bike is a classic example of that- making a bike out of a mix of stuff that was available at the time. In this case , the customer found a slightly used Dura Ace hydraulic group for sale used. I just happened to have a set of Shimano GRX wheels in stock, along with a set of flared Marin branded handlebars. The rest of the stuff was able to be ordered. 
The result : A 700x40 gravel bike with the fancy drive train and some lower priced but solid tubeless wheels. This bike will be on the dirt roads and trails of the Santa Cruz mountains as soon as this weekend.I hope that the customer likes his 'Covid' build. 


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