Sunday, April 25, 2021

The shop is almost there

 There are a lot of things left to do but I think I am nearing completion of the shop move. It is never fun to move a business or a residence but when the move will result in a much better work space it is worth it. I'm not sure how long I will have this spot as the building is old and might get sold in a few years. This means that I had better appreciate it while I can. The layout could make my work flow a lot more efficient - this will be good as my list of frames is longer than ever. 

On the big wall I hung up about 40 bikes along with most of our team kits from 2004-2015. I would put up the more recent kits but I they are still in use. All the big machines are in a single row. The mitering, deburring, fixturing and welding stations are within an arms reach of each other. The frame design table is on the opposite wall, only about 8 feet away. I have never had the room to create what I have here and I am very anxious to get back to work. I hope that by the first of May I will be up and running. 

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