Friday, March 26, 2021

Steel 29er frame for Sierra foothills

I built a 29er frame for this customer in 2014. He was diagnosed with cancer while he was waiting for his build to come up. He got treatment and had me proceed with the build. He recovered from the cancer and rode the bike a lot over the last six years.
Right after he recovered from cancer he moved out of the area and up into the foothills as he had just retired from his job as a bus driver. The area where he lives was in the path of one of the big fires last year and he lost his house and the bike I built for him.

Fortunately, he had good insurance so the house will get rebuilt and he ordered a new frame. I'll be doing the full build if I can get the parts he wants- no easy task these days when everything is on backorder. Still, I feel happy that this customer will have one of my bikes again to ride in the sparsely populated woods where he lives. 

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