Thursday, March 25, 2021

Goodbye to my CX bike

 This was not an easy bike to let go-my race bike for most of my racing of the past 15 seasons. I had had it hanging on a hook for quite awhile and only pulled it down in the last few weeks. I did a few good rides on it and remembered what a good bike it was , especially as I had done a pretty complete tuneup of it before it was taken out of service for the most part. The only races I have ever won in CX (2) were on this bike. My best races were all on this bike- not to take anything away from my newer bike but I don't seem to go as fast any more. 

Since I have been getting ready to move my shop I have started letting go of things that I thought I would keep forever. This bike was one of those things-GX-2 Scandium made in the USA, the best non-ferrous material I have ever worked with and long out of production. I will not ever be able to replicate this frame again-I'll have to make the best out of what is available now. Someone came by the shop and was the perfect person to pass this bike on to so I do feel good about that. Goodbye, old was a hell of a ride as they say. I hope that the new owner has the same feeling when he rides the bike that I had all those years. 

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