Thursday, December 20, 2012

Small steel 29er frame for PA.

 This frame is small enough that I was not able to build a full wishbone seatstay. I just mitered the stays so that I could weld them to the sides of the seat tube. I've seen it done but for me , this is a first. The rear end of the frame is really stiff......pretty surprising to me as it isn't built super heavy.
I was told that this rider is going to compete in an Xterra event. With a 120 mm fork this frame should be a pretty plush ride. It is the smallest 29er I have built so far. The Paragon head tube allows foe a tapered steerer and a much lower headset stack so that the smaller rider will have a decent cross-country bar position.


Team Alpha said...

She is a beauty and I hope she kicks butt in Mauii next year at the Xterra World Championship race.!!! Thanks, I can't wait to ride this bike.

Alex said...

Nice, my wife's 29er has a similar set up.

It is a 14" frame so the top tube and seat stays are in line, the seat stays meet on the sides of the top tube and there is a seat stay bridge (straight tube) across the back of the seat tube to brace it all.

The plus side is crazy mud room and really clean brake cable routing