Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7005 29er single speed for So-Calif.

 If I were to build one of these for myself it would be the same as this one. The Ahrens slider dropouts and seat stay yoke are solid. The top and downtubes are NOS Easton as well as the seat stays.
 I put some crimps in the chain stays and used a 73 mm BB shell to get some room for the tire  figuring that there's a chance that something larger than a 2.2 might find its way onto this frame.
This is a real cross country rig that weighs well under 4 lbs. I didn't try for lightness, this is just how they turn out. Wish I had gotten it ready before Christmas but it isn't a perfect world......

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Doug M. said...

Cool bike and a cool Fender amp in the background. Does someone in the shop play guitar? Cheers.