Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disc brake 'cross frame for Pa.

 This sled is a study in sickness.......sorry, I just had to say that. As I started on the frame I guess I kind of got a bit crazy with it. I did a seatmast in a way I had not done before. There's a press-fit welded in piece at the top of the seat tube that has been turned to a precise size to fit the seat mast topper from Ritchey. These toppers don't seem to fit on any tube in my shop but this adapter I made on the lathe makes it possible in a really simple and durable way.
The 44 mm head tube will house a tapered-steerer Evve disc 'cross fork with a combo King Inset and external headset.
 The frame will accommodate a pretty large tire, maybe a Bruce Gordon Rock 'n road 700x43 if needed. There's also eyelets for a fender. The seat stays were advertised to be 'really curvy'. They were just the thing for this bike.....and yes, the disc rotor on the rear wheel does not hit the frame !
I don't remember where I bought these bottle bosses but they have to be the fanciest I have ever seen.

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Keng Pereira said...

Hi guys,

this frame looks amazing.And so do all of the other frames! I've got a question for you. I wanted to build up a frame with Columbus life tubing (same as the rear triangle on this frame right?) and also use an ISP. I saw in the comment that you used a piece that you made to allow the mast topper to fit the tube. Do you have any pictures of this? While i was doing research for building steel frames with ISP and mast toppers, i thought that the Ritchey Topper should match the Life oversized tubing. Guess i was wrong. Would be great if you could share your info and ideas about this. Thanks! Keng