Sunday, December 16, 2012

Light steel road frame for S.F.

 A steel straight blade fork is supposed to go with this one but it is not built yet. the bike will be fitted with long-reach Shimano brakes and will have capacity for 700x28 tires and fenders. It isn't a touring bike but more of a general purpose road bike for a woman who is just under 5'10". She likes to have her handlebars about the same level as her saddle so that is the reason for the longish head tube. The bike will have a quill stem and 1" threaded first in several years. The parts will be coming from an older bike. The 3 lb. 10 oz. frame is nearly all Columbus and should eat bumps for lunch. The front end geometry will be stable for the hilly terrain on both sides of the Golden Gate.

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steve garro said...

Looks like a Denise bike!