Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock Lobster cyclocross from 1989

I built this frame, fork and stem for a customer of the Bicycle Trip back in the fall of 1989. This is how the bike appears today , mostly original components and paint-the neon fade was popular in the late '08's. The bike was hanging in the shop in early October and when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit , the bike fell and the top tube was dented. Since it was a new bike, the shop covered having the top tube replaced and the frame repainted.....all this before the custome ever rode the bike, I assume. The high rise four bolt stem and WTB drop bars are also something that was popular in the late '80's. The side of the top tube cables were something I had stolen from Yeti back in 1987. This bike represents a pre-tig bike built in my original 160 square ft. garage shop. The wishbone seatstay is a rarity on my 'cross bikes and this one is probably one of about 6 that I had built since starting up.


steve garro said...

damn, that's cool Paul - you aughta put a pic of one of your team racing machines from 2009 next to it for a historical comparison! Steve.

swiggco world said...

I'll do that. I wish I haden't dismantled the first 'cross frame I built in 1979....could have been a 30th anniversary thing. That first one was a p.o.s., though!

-p said...

I like the side of the top tube cable routing.