Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Framebuilders garage

In case some of you are wondering what a framebuilders garage looks like, here is my garage. You can see that there is an overabundance of bicycles , most of which are my wife's -you see, it's the most affordable gift I can give her that doubles as advertisement every time she rides one of them. But wait....what is that wooden box in the back ? Hmm, maybe some special bike closet ? Noooo, is it a secret room for ageing tubular tires ? Noooo, is it a big box filled with race trophies ? Not a chance....I'm way too slow for that. Hah ! It's wine, wine and more wine. I do some trading on a rare occasion and it provides me with a good way to pickle my liver and go Napa Style......eating well and walking poorly.

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