Thursday, May 13, 2021

7005 adventure frame for So-Cal.

The color on this frame is meant to mimic the color I used for two frames that I made for the last NAHBS. The original color turned out to be a sample and is no longer available so this color is the closest I could get. It is indeed, very close.
The frame is paired with an Enve "Adventure" fork- this is Enve's newest fork and is meant to cater to the increasing number if bikepacking builds. As with the fork, the frame also has many fittings for racks and fenders.
The frame and fork will take flat mount disc brakes- where the customer is going to find them is anyone's guess at this time. My supplies have dried up weeks ago and it is common to find suppliers backordered into next year. Not since the '70's dock strikes has the bicycle business experienced parts shortages to this extent. No doubt that when things all get back to normal there will be a parts glut. The market is supposed to sort itself out but this is the bike business and wishing for that is pretty unrealistic. 

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