Sunday, December 27, 2020

One of a kind bike for sale - money to go to local charities

I have had a good year as a bike builder and feel very lucky. All around me, though I see tent cities of people who have nothing and are struggling just to survive. I built this bike back in Feb. and have been thinking long and hard about what the best purpose for this bike would be and I have a plan. I want to sell this as a whole bike and give half the money to Second Harvest food bank and the other half to Food, not Bombs. These are two local groups that do more on the ground to feed people in desperate shape than anyone else. I feel that they have the highest integrity and are really stepping up to do what the government and our president are failing to do right now.
I'm asking $ 2,000 for this one of a kind urban fixed gear. It is about a 56 cm and has Gran Compe sealed hubs laced to some Foer rims. It also has a Sugino messenger crank with sealed BB and an integrated headset. I built both the frame and fork out of steel. The curved top tube and seat stays are unusual for something coming out of my shop. The bike is fitted with a front brake for city riding.
If you are interested in the bike and the cause, give me and email at  If you have issues with the bike, the mission or the statement that the bike represents , just think about what the sale of this bike will do in terms of feeding hundreds of people in dire need. Take a look at all the tent cities around your town and think about if that was you in one of those tents because you lost your job or got evicted or just fell through the cracks. All I ask is that you try to imagine what it would be like to trade places with someone on the street- maybe that will give you a better picture of what I'm attempting to do here.