Saturday, December 12, 2020

Enve 'Buiders Roundup' show bike

For the Enve virtual bike show to showcase their new wheels and tires I built this bike. It has the new SES wheelset with Enve branded hubs and tires, something I had not seen yet and perhaps nether have you until this show.
My thought was that there would be a sea of gravel bikes in the show so I opted to do something I didn't think any of the other builders would do- a straight-ahead rim brake road racing bike with a steel frame. As I had also built a bike for the Chris King open house virtual show , I wanted this one to be different.
The bike is full Dura Ace and has an Enve fork and cockpit. I never weighed the bike but it feels like it is around 17-18 lbs. at the most. It felt crazy fast with this wheelset. Yes, the bike was for sale but it sold quickly as I had it at a very low price- I wanted the room in my shop and as some of you might know, I sell bikes for very low prices when I get a bit claustrophobic in my workplace.
Don't worry if you missed out- the two show bikes are gone but there will be more full bikes being put up for sale soon, also at low prices. I still have the Rohloff 29er in stock. I'll have a steel gravel bike with Sram Force-22 and a really cool urban fixed gear - this last bike will be sold and all the money will go to local charities. More on that one soon. Because I am moving my shop some time next year I am really wanting to reduce my inventory......I have about 40 bikes in the shop and there's a bunch of them that need to find homes. -Stay tuned.


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Jordan said...

Do you have anything that will fit someone 6’4