Friday, February 12, 2021

Steel SSCX with gear option with steel fork going to the east coast

Here's something that I spent much of the 2000-2010 years building. Single speed CX has always been something I have been a proponent of, even when hardly anyone was enthusiastic. I remember the years when 350-500 riders would show up at the SSCXWC and when the single speed class at the nationals was the largest field- maybe it still is !
This frame also has front rack mounts that will work with a variety of racks. Looks like this one will do multiple duties as a racer and as a commuter. The frame and fork will also fit some pretty big tires, up to 700x45. 
I miss my SSCX that I built about 12 years ago. Even though I know that it is in good hands I still think that I had some real fun on that bike and even now that I'm 65 I still think about building another one-I have the original drawing........first I have to build a few customer frames- I think the list is up to 60 now.....might have to wait on that single speed.....

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