Monday, February 8, 2021

Reynolds 531 lugged frame for the east bay

I built this frame back in December and am surprised that I neglected to post it when it went out. This was a custom order, the only lugged frame for the year 2020 for me. I used a mix of NOS and new 531 tubing throughout. The lugs and fork crown are very old - the fork crown might be from the '60's. The lugs are likely from the late '70's and the cast BB shell is a mid '80's piece. I got these materials from a number of sources- departed frame builders and people who still had stashes of the old stuff available for sale.
In 2019 I made two Reynolds frames and they are now built up with period-correct parts in my shop. I'm thinking of selling one of the bikes- stay tuned for that. Back to this one- the owner has bought two other frames from me over the last decade or so. He does some very long rides and was looking to get a bike that would have relatively modern equipment but still have the look and ride of an old 531 frame. I do hope that this one has a bit less 'whip' than the old PX-10's or Raleighs of the day. The fact that I use low temperature silver solder and very carefully fit tubes and lugs might help this one feel a bit more solid. The 531 tubes are not super light and do have ample wall thickness to resist denting and feeling too flexy.
Still, the aim is to build something that rolls smoothly down the road , soaking up the bumps so that the long miles don't take as much of a toll on the body.


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