Saturday, November 28, 2020

CX frame in aluminum for Switzerland

This is frame # 5 in the last aluminum batch of this year of 2020. It is also the 95th frame of the year, bringing me closer to that magic 100 frame goal- not a firm goal as the real goal is to make good stuff. If I can also hit 100 frames for a year it is just another plus. I know that next year I'll be changing to a 4 day a week work schedule so this will likely be the last 100 frame year for me.
The two features that set this one apart from most of my aluminum CX frames are the larger 56/44 mm head tube and the rear rack mounts. Another request from the shop that ordered this was to have down tube routing for the rear der. internal - I don't normally do this but I am not opposed to it. Most bike mechanics prefer to work on bikes with external cabling but this shop seems to be fine with this design.
The riv/nut on the bottom of the bridge is the upper rack mounting point- another specific request from the shop- Cyclecraft ,who has ordered frames from me for nearly a decade. Nice people-they some times visit and always bring some great Swiss chocolate.

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