Saturday, February 1, 2020

New bike for the wife

 I'm proud of my wife for many things. She has not been doing much road riding as of late - maybe it's the state of her 18 year old road bike. I thought that perhaps a new up to date road bike would re-kindle an interest in doing some rides together. Also, a bike builder's wife should not have a really old clapped-out road bike.
 This steel frame is paired with a NOS Easton carbon fork and a Shimano 9100 group. The whole bike weighs 17 lb. 12 oz. -Not bad for a steel bike that has normal clincher tires and no super exotic stuff. Sure, Dura Ace is light and not cheap but she deserves no less- also, I did get a real once-in-a-lifetime deal on the components so here was a great place for them to land.
 Eventually the bike will get a read seat collar and some bigger tires, maybe 700x28's for the bad roads around here . The bike feels pretty smooth, even with these 23 Michelin tires. I hope that she likes it- it is a late X-Mas present.

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Unknown said...

Your wife is a very lucky lady. But I've no doubt she thoroughly deserves it! Loving your work from Brisbane, Australia. A shame the exchange rate for us is so bad at the moment!!