Thursday, May 16, 2013

Possibly the very last Sandium Team Carbon road frame ever

 Yes , that's right. This was a tubeset I was saving for myself but decided that a customer half way around the world needed it more than I. This customer opted for a level top tube and a normal head tube and BB.
 These flared tubes were the flagship Easton Scandium GX-2 tubes that I used on my team 'cross frames and this model. I think I only made one MTB frame with the tubes. I feel that they are the most astutely designed tubes I have ever used.
The rear stays are not bonded in yet-I just put the rear triangle together for the photo. I still have to bond on the rear der. cable stop on the chain stay. The frame will get a wet paint treatment in the darkest blue available. When it is all painted and prepped it will be shipped to Taiwan-Ironically, the source of most of the materials used to build this frame. What goes around comes around !

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