Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7005 road frame for who ?

 This frame is to be a display item-but not forever. It will eventually find an owner. I built it for a display that will feature a number of other hand built bikes. I can't say where it will be yet or who is involved but I'm sure it will be a cool lineup.
 This is a 58 cm road frame made for a tapered steerer fork. The tubing is a variety of 7005 aluminum, most notably my very last Easton 'penta' top tube. I think I only ever had three of these. These were U.S. made and extinct for at least seven years.
The downtube and chain stays are Easton tubes from Taiwan from about three years ago. The rest of the tubing came from Fairing industrial, my current source of 7005 tubes. I have access to some tubes from Columbus and Dedaccai but they are in short supply these days.

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