Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is what a few of us did instead of going to NAHMBS

The tanks......scene of many a drunken night time derby about 15 years ago.
This one's for you......if you thing you can still steer your bike after a few good swigs.
This is a place I used to ride about 30 years ago....De La Veaga park. I had a Schwinn Varsity set up with flat did surprisingly well on the trails.
West coast builders included Sean from Soulcraft , Robert from Ventana and his own brand , Blue Collar , Rick of Hunter cycles and myself. There were about ten of us total.
Here we are in Steve's house , waiting to get under way. Things never get going too fast from what I was about 40 degrees so it was fine waiting inside for awhile.


Alex said...

Damn, and just when the world needed another fixie with integral racks and polished stainless. You guys are so selfish ;)

Is Blue Collar Bikes still going? I was pretty close to getting one but the website disappeared...shame as I loved the flame gusset!


dolan said...

Wow, the tanks behind Crown College and De La Veaga. Thx for bringing back the memories :)

Javier Daniel Valencia Vedoy said...

I'm very jealous. I wish SF had what SC has to offer. Boo.

Fire Horse said...

Had a fun time with everyone Paul. And good job on clearing that drop between the trees :-)


Scott said...

Looks like you guys had more fun. guess we'll just have to post some ride pics while you're up in Oregon