Friday, April 30, 2010

Steel hardtails are back

I was fortunate to talk to the customer right before building this frame. Sometimes people are tough to get ahold of but this customer was available to tell me some specifics, mainly where this bike is going to be ridden. Looks like the bike will be in Tahoe and be ridden on all that high altitude technical singletrack.......I'm envious. Iv'e only ridden up there twice and I really enjoyed myself. The tubing isn't the usual large diameter stuff, it's all classic dimention '80's style for a smooth ride and a 145 lb. rider. Yes, that is a chain hanger on the seatstay. Heck, I don't charge for them so it won't add to the bill.


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chris and hollie mcgovern said...

Looking good Boss. You can come up and ride the Altitude stuff have a place to stay

Ric said...

So nice--really dig that wishbone seatstay...whatever happened to those?

What's the tubing used?